Custom cards with in-person and through-the-mail autos

I choose to make a custom card either when a player doesn't have any existing cards or when I think I can simply do better than what's out there.

As I make custom cards exclusively to get them signed, the most important criterion is that the card looks good once signed, i.e.: the signature is visible and it doesn't destroy the design or photo. 

Folk's Cards v.3 (2014-15)


Folk's Cards v.2 (2013-14)


Folk's Cards v.1 (2012-13)

Folk's Cards Gold Rush

12 April 2015As a follow-up on my three-card 'Gold Standard' set I did two years ago I made a similar mini-set of three called 'Gold Rush'. Luke Harangody, Rafa Martínez and Sam Van Rossom signed their cards. Unfortunately the scans (nor the photos) don't do justice to the actual appearance of the cards - IRL they look pretty cool!

Dan Gadzuric Fleer throwback

07 July 2014 - Dan Gadzuric very kindly signed this card as part of the six-card through-the-mail package I had sent him. This card uses the famous design of the 1986-87 Fleer basketball card, renowned for the much sought-after Michael Jordan rookie card.

Folk's Cards Gold Standard


In Flight


Thomas Kelati

30 September 2012 - Kelati came back to Valencia Basket for the 2012-13 season, but got injured in preseason. 

Even though he is depicted in a Lakers jersey, he only did a summer camp with them and never ended up playing for them. 

Kelati did a signing session prior to the preseason exhibition game and that's where I got this signed. 

I made a second copy of this card for a Lakers collector and got it signed and dedicated to him.


  Serbia Card

18 & 30 September 2012 - I made this card when Marko Keselj was signed up to the Valencia team, making him the second current player from Serbia after Stefan Markovic. 

The card shows both players on a black card with an artistic impression of the serbian flag I found on the internet.

They signed the card with a silver pen that unfortunately didn't come out very well.


Henk Norel custom card (blow-up and original)

Henk Norel is a rising Dutch player who was drafted by the Minnesota Timberwolves but nevertheless has been playing in Spain for a while now. I thought I'd give it a try and make a card for signature through the mail. I printed it myself on my inkjet and glued front and back onto a decoy. Unfortunately I didn't get it back.

A few weeks later Norel's team DKV Joventut played in my city against Valencia Basket, so I decided to try again. I took the same design and had it printed at the print shop on thicker card stock. After the game I met Norel and we chatted for a while and he also signed the card. 

Then, a few weeks later, to my great surprise I received mail. It turned out Norel had received my initial card and had signed it on both sides and returned it back to me! Quite a remarkable story and great cards to go with it.

4" x 5.5" blow-up version

original, standard trading card size version

Australia card

I made this 4" x 5.5" card for an Australian fellow collector with whom I had a trade going through Beckett. As A.J. Ogilvy and Brad Newley - both Australian - played at my local team Valencia Basket, I thought it would make a nice surprise extra.


'Retro' series

I did these blow-up cards for Dutch players Henk Norel and Dan Gadzuric. The front features a yellow and green retro design with a full player photo and a portrait photo in the background. Despite some resemblance to the 2012 Panini Past & Present set, I made these cards before that set came out. The back is an exact replica of the backside of the 1976-77 Topps basketball cards with the 'basketball rules' being scanned copies of existing cards. These 4" x 5.5" cards were assembled on ultra-thick cardboard (500g/m2 approx.).

Henk Norel

14 October 2012  -  Valencia Basket played CAI Zaragoza and I met Henk Norel for the second time. I had a good chat with him - you couldn't meet a more friendly and down-to-earth guy. He told me he liked the card and was kind enough to sign it.

Dan Gadzuric

07 July 2014 - Dan Gadzuric very kindly signed this card as part of the six-card through-the-mail package.


'Collegiate' series

This set really is for players that I don't have another card for and shows players in their college uniforms. The front shows a photo with the player in color, while the background is black and white. The bottom half of the 4" x 5.5" card is for signature and has the college team's logo in grey in the background. The back - horizontally orientated - shows the player with his team in full color with a small description below.

Taquan Dean

Taquan Dean was signed to the Valencia team in the 2012 Playoffs to cover for some injured players. Dean didn't have any trading cards so I made this card. When I gave it to him for signature he asked me where I got it from and was surprised to learn I had made it myself. 

Justin Doellman

This is the first in-person auto I got from the Valencia Basket team in the 2012-13 season. Justin Doellman had just joined the team and signed this card after the team presentation and exhibition game.


Glass Breaker holographic series

This set was the first I did with holographic paper. The design shows an action photo of the player dunking and shattering the background into pieces. The design itself was printed on a transparent sticker so that the 'whites' would reveal the holographic paper. These 4" x 5.5" cards don't have a back side (didn't bother doing it).

Serhiy Lishchuk

Vitor Faverani

Nik Caner-Medley


Terrell Lyday blank card

I met Lyday after his 26-point game (6/6 3pt) with his team Unics Kazan here in Valencia on 6th March 2013. He signed a blank card that I had with me, which I will give a post-signature design to make it a bit more appealing to the eye.

To be continued..

A.J. Ogilvy custom card

15 January 2012 - One of my earliest custom cards. Australian player A.J. Ogilvy was recovering from an injury and did a signing session before the game. I didn't have anything to sign so I made this card. Printed with my own inkjet and then stuck it onto a decoy card. No back side.

Kirk Penney custom card

I made this card for a New Zealand-born trader in the States who was desperately looking for Kirk Penney cards. It so happened that he played for Spanish team Fuenlabrada (Madrid) and I thought I try and get him a surprise. 

I made a copy for each of us and sent them by mail to the team. A few days later I already received them back.