Custom Maccabi Tel Aviv-set

By a local basketball fan I was requested to make a team set of custom cards for Israeli team Maccabi Tel Aviv. It proved to be quite a challenging project, firstly because of the size of set - 14 cards in the set plus a few others not included in the Maccabi set - but also because of the lack of decent photo material. 

In the end however the set came out very well and I may even use the design as a template for future projects.

The cards are standard trading card size and were produced by printing the designs on stickers which I adhered onto smooth, high quality cardboard.

Because I used white as a base color together with the team's yellow and blue, the cards are very clean in their appearance. The design itself is uncomplicated and sober in order to further draw the attention to the imagery. 


Custom set for TBarn291

The 'TBarn-set' is the first and to date only 'contracted' work I have done as far as custom cards are concerned. This US-based collector had seen some of my cards and was interested in having a unique and custom-designed card set for his favorite players. In total the request was for a set of 7 players: Blake Griffin, Kyrie Irving,  Shaquille O'Neal, James Anderson, Bill Walton, Jerry Stackhouse and Michael Olowokandi. 

The set is made of thick transparent plastic, with front and back designs printed on sticker and pasted onto the material. A peculiarity is that I had the 'front image' printed mirrored on transparent sticker and stuck it onto what is really the back of the card. This means you look through the plastic to see the front image which gave the cards a slick appeal. The back of the cards, printed on standard matt sticker paper, are black and white, shows the card number within the set (1 of 6, 2 of 6, etc), as well as an ink stamped  '--1/1 ---' to indicate the card's uniqueness.

Due to little decent photo material available for Olowokandi, he was left out of the main set and instead I made a separate card for him. To find a way around the poor quality images I had available, I only used his portrait silhouette and applied it to a piece of gold and silver card board. Minimalist in design and with the corners cut at a 90ยบ angle the idea was to give it a hint of a gold bar.

Upon receipt of his cards Tbarn also very kindly posted a message about this on the Beckett message boards, which you can read here.